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How long was I gone? I need to re-amped this blog of mine.


‘Date A Live’ [Light Novel] – the Nameless Girl & the High School Boy

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I was looking around for some not much popular anime/manga/novel works to pass time and found Date A Live.

Read a few samples of it and saw the novel illustration for volume 01, and first thing came to my mind: “It’s Guilty Crown with Ezra in it”

Here’s a little synopsis:

Itsuka Shido is a high school boy. On the last day of the spring holidays, an explosion destroys the town and a girl in armor appears in front of him. Shido’s sister-in-law Kotori tells him that the girl is called “Special Disasterous Designated Creature: Spirit”, which causes a timespace quake. Kotori disclosed that she is the commander of anti-spirit organization Ratatosk and orders him to go out on a date with the spirit girl. Kotori says “I don’t ask you to beat the spirit. Just let her fall in love with you and save the world.”

Here’s from the first part:

Itsuka Shidou is a normal high school boy going to school on the first day after their Spring Break when a ‘spacequake’ – the phenomenon of the shaking of a wide area with  devastating result – was detected. Remembering her little sister Kotori, he hurried to the place where they had promised to go eat together. While on the run, Shidou notices 4 things that look like humans floating in the sky, and after that was a blinding light. Everything in front of him turned into a crater and from the center of the crater was a girl clad in a strange dress.

The girl tries to kill Shidou because she thought that he is “one of those people”  who tries to kill her, to which Shidou replies that he couldn’t do such a thing. But before they could continue, another new figure joins them who is actually Shidou‘s classmate, Tobiichi Origami. Apparently she and the mysterious girl were fighting against each other.

Somewhere, Kotori [who was called “Commander” by some guys in military clothing]  was watching the fight between Origami and the mysterious girl through a visual. Noticing Shidou in the visual, Kotori ordered her men, “Go recover it.”

My thoughts:

Let’s hope that this one isn’t the same as Guilty Crown because I AM looking forward to this one! I lost all hope for Guilty Crown since I lost interest in it halfway and the story is kinda a downer.

Besides, the characters and their designs in DAL are impressive (or attractive in girl’s term) especially the girls since [probably] most of the character casts will be girls. Not to mention who would’ve thought that your little sister is actually the Commander of an Anti-Spirit Organization after  all this time.

According to Fujimishobo, light novel “Date A Live” was announced to get an anime adaptation. Check the official website here.

Thansk & credits to Baka-Tsuki for translating the first few chapters of Date A Live.

A pain in my heart

Didn’t tell this but I started watching Senki Zesshou Symphogear a week ago. Some say it’s like a Macross Frontier and Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica combined together, though I can’t say since I haven’t watched either of them.

Yeah so in the first episode, Miku (not Hatsune Miku) went to a graveyard were Hibiki’s grave was (which means [duh] Hibiki died at some part of the story)

Miku crying at Hibiki's grave

At first I was like, “Oh, okay. (I don’t even know her)”. But as I progress through the story, I kept thinking “What could be the reason of her death? I don’t like that kind revelation.” As I watch until episode 9, this happened:

The fateful shot

I’m actually a bit sensitive about plot developments. The character developments  are actually what I like from this anime but seriously, I don’t want a cheerful girl like Hibiki die!

Wait…in the grave pic, there’s no smears on Hibiki’s face, but after what happened in episode 9 (Hibiki fought a Noise, catches Miku from falling, and an “un-stylish” landing) they were really all messed up.

Another tidbit, Hibiki’s transformation reminds me of  Toyosatomimi no Miko from Touhou [I hope I’m not the only one who notices this]

A taste of Persona 4: The Animation

I’m taking breather from manga editing a bit (even though I barely did anything (lol))


I don’t have any background stories about getting involved in the Shin Megami Tensei world but since the SMT world uses mythological figures, I’m starting to get the hang of it (^~^). Mmn, I’m not good at reviewing things so I’ll just post some screenshots.

The Protagonist, Narukami Yu

Protagonist eyecatch

This is the Protagonist’s Status on the first episode:

We’ll go clockwise starting at the topmost center which is Courage: Coward, Diligence: Callow, Expression: Rough, Knowledge: Naive, and Understanding: Cold-hearted.

Hanamura wants to pee while Narukami checks the TV

"Thou art I"

Come forth, unnamed Persona!

Narukami Yu and his Persona

Yu's Persona prepares to strike


Nakamura smile at Hanamura

And that’s what I got from the first episode (woah! it’s mostly just Yu and his Persona).

Red Saber (aka Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus) or Nero Saber update

Correction, this is chapter 8

Here’s presenting you All Around Type-Moon – Ahnenerbe no Nichijou Chapter 08.

And just by the title, the story this time is about Red Saber [though I call her Nero Saber] joining (Arturia) Saber for a short time in Cafe Ahnenerbe, but trouble soon brews up!

I wasn’t totally in the mood halfway because this is my first time editing again after “resting” for almost 5 months. I can totally feel my skills before are gone right now as I speak. I literally got stuck when it was time to do a redraw again (.-_-.”) I apologize for crappy editing firsthand.

[Gotta love everyone’s reaction when they saw Red Saber coming out of the computer tho ^3^]

Here’s another Red Saber related comic as appetizer ^w^

Note: Palātium Plauseram – Thunderous Applause (“I had applauded the palace.”)

Found this on Danbooru along with translation. Credits to whoever it was who translated this and copyrights belong to アレクサンドリア for the comic itself.

Credits to: mewarmo990, アレクサンドリア, and to  Kotonoha,  NNescio and Amraphenson for all their special and hard works!

I’m not dead [yet]…!!


Osu! Long time no see, you!


Pokemon New Year

Yeah, it’s kinda late but I can’t shake the feeling shouting this out when it’s my year! I’m not exactly born on the year of the dragon, but I feel like this is my year and I can’t look negative on things for this year, even though I’m going to be a Senior.

Well, not showing up for 6 or 7 months might give you (or whoever) the idea of me dead [either literally or not]. It’s just that my laptop’s not yet fully fixed at the moment, so I have to stop whatever project I have that involves using Photoshop, as my [temporary] hard drive can only handle up to 37 G and it lags much more than before.

It will take a while for me to go back to editing once I have my laptop fixed as I need to fix other matters first [namely, the doujin projects I left behind].

Yeah, about the doujin projects that I left unfinished. As of right now, I lack the motivation to continue because of my “instantaneous prefer over” personality/mood. I really want to hand them over to others as soon as possible,but my laziness hinders me from doing so (.-_-.”)

Anyway, I need to organize my things here before I post anything else.




[Credits belong to rightful owners (NOT ME!) New Year pic came from someone from pixiv]


Haruka Kanata (TV Size)


Featured: Bleach ED 28

  • Lyrics:
Miagete ita no wa hyakutakei no sora
mainasu hyakudo no surechigau shisen ni
Itetsuku shinzou wo nigirishimeta tte wa

Hira hira asebande ita
amakute nigai KONKURIITO no machi de

Haruka kanata tooku no sora he
tonde yukeru bokura no koe wa
takaku takaku doko made mo tooku he nara

Haruka kanata bokura no asu he
dare mo shiranai dare mo kesenai
Fukaku tsuyoku tsukisasaru omoi wo,


After 3 months (I think), I’ve been focusing a lot more on my studies while waiting for my dad (’cause he’s the one who’s in charge of fixing my laptop), and my laptop still isn’t fixed yet O.o

So yeah, I wasted 3 months for my laptop T^T. But since I finally got a free space for my obsessity, I spent my time on my DSi, eventually leading me to Flipnote Hatena. It’s always my dream to animate my own O.C.

But plans didn’t go as planned. Right now, I’m racking up for another Periodic Test this October. But thanks to the storm, I got no classes today and I gotta sacrifice this day just to finish my requirements.

I’m currently on hiatus (2)…

Due to another different reason, I am currently unable to continue my manga projects. It might take months if I don’t do an immediate action ( which it will!)

I was currently working on Millet Soup‘s (editing) and a MeilingxSakuya anthology (translating) before my laptop broke [ for the **th time!]

I truly apologize for those who I’ve caused inconvinience. For those who would like to continue my projects, you can continue them.



I’m currently on hiatus

I will be temporarily unavailable for these two weeks as I’m studying/cramming for my upcoming exam. More than that, I have to do and submit some requirements that I’m to lazy to do. Fortunately, class was suspended due to two combined typhoons and our exam days were moved on August 8, next Monday.


Anyways, my new project will be:


Another work from Millet Soup. [Man, I always love Millet Soup’s works!!]


It’s cooking time with Remi and Patche who takes cooking lesson from Alice, including making a monster hamburger!


I’ll be taking my time working on this. After inspecting the pages, I notice a lot of redrawing will have to be done. Might take weeks, but I’ll manage somehow.

I really wanted to get a hand on this one! (Ahh)


Some has been asking me if I’ll continue Fate/Stay Night. So, as for does who are asking, I will continue it. I just need to adjust my schedule.

~Till next time!